DMS offers clients a comprehensive range of pre-contract construction consulting services from our offices in Washington DC.

These include:

  • Cost estimating/control services
  • Building information modelling (BIM)
  • CPM scheduling
  • Facilities management
  • Feasibility studies
  • Network analysis
  • Project management
  • Quantity surveying
  • Services to owners and contractors

Supported by the International expertise of our parent company, Tungsten Capital, we are also able to offer clients post contract construction services including:

  • Construction claims consultancy
  • Post-contract commercial management
  • Dispute resolution services
  • Arbitration and litigation

CPM Scheduling

Our approach to program scheduling enables clients to effectively develop projects from concept to reality within specified timelines and to agreed budgets. 

We identify risks, constraints and delays that may impact the project time and cost objectives and through rigorous analysis we are able to realistically forecast project completion. 

Our schedulers use advanced tools and systems that are compatible with those employed by developers, whilst on more complex projects, we use fully integrated master scheduling to track all lifecycle stages.

Cost estimating and construction consulting

Since 1988, our cost estimates for competitive situations have remained constant at a 0-5% high – an impressive feat given the market fluctuations in that time. 

Our close contact and analysis of market conditions has allowed us to accurately forecast the market in terms of construction cost, while our consistent accuracy provides our clients with a level of comfort and confidence in our estimates and cost projections. 

We also inform clients of potential cost saving ideas. Typically, our clients often request our input in assisting in the analysing of bids and providing input during scope clarification.

Construction claims

Construction projects always experience change and many of those changes can cause challenges to the schedule for completing works.  How those challenges are resolved determines the success of the project for its stakeholders. 

Early involvement allows our expertise to be used to its best advantage and enables our consultants to provide the most appropriate and effective advice.  If engaged early enough, it may be that advice is all that’s needed to avoid a claims issue escalating.

Our experienced construction claims consultants provide advice as to how contracts can be set up and managed in such a way to avoid claims.  We also offer support in advising how best to deal with claims when they unavoidably do occur.

In this situation, our professional and experienced team can identify and analyze the contractual, technical and financial position, and determine the impact of delay in order to prepare or defend all types of claims – on even the most complex construction and engineering projects.