DMS provided cost estimating services for the construction of new facilities at Rockville District Courthouse in Montgomery.

The history

The Circuit Court for Montgomery County, Maryland, is a court of general jurisdiction, with authority to hear certain types of civil and criminal cases. It is the only court in the county authorized to conduct jury trials, and is part of the Sixth Judicial Circuit, comprising Montgomery and Frederick counties.

The Montgomery County Circuit Court, sited in downtown Rockville, has become the eastern anchor for a revitalized government center and a symbol of the courts’ important role in the community.

The mission of the Circuit Court is to serve the Sixth Judicial Circuit residents in the determination of litigation in serious criminal matters, substantive civil cases, domestic cases, and child support cases in accordance with the Constitution while administering justice in an honest, fair, and efficient manner.

Rockville’s Historic Courthouse Square District is an important and centrally-located part of Rockville’s identity.  Together, the 1891 Red Brick Courthouse, the 1931 Grey Courthouse and the 1961 modernist Courthouse addition eloquently represent the legal system in Montgomery County and more than a half a century of profound changes in American architectural styles.

The project

This 159,725 square foot courthouse facility services the Rockville/Wheaton area of Montgomery County, Maryland.  The new facility includes nine courtrooms, judicial staff, administration staff, clerks, commissioners, Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department, public defender and parole and probation intake unit and the Department of General Services.

The courthouse is divided into separate sections: Section 1 includes entry, reception, security, and waiting and holding, detention facilities, commissioners’ suite and state administration offices. Section 2 houses court administrative functions.  Section 3 is taken up almost completely by the Office of the Public Defender. Section 4 holds three typical courtrooms and one large traffic courtroom. Section 5 houses three courtrooms and two hearing rooms. Section 6 has a two courtrooms, two hearing rooms and a multipurpose room.

Cost estimation

Estimated construction cost: $45.5million.