In 2006 DMS provided the cost estimating for Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing located in Baltimore, Maryland.

The history

Established in 1889, the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing established what would become the national model for nursing education.

Today the School of Nursing remains to redefine nursing education through a combination of academic consistency, scholarships, and opportunities for nursing graduates.

In 1983 the School of Nursing was established as the eighth division of the Johns Hopkins University, and opened its doors to students in 1984.  In 1998, the School moved to a new state-of-the-art education and research building on the East Baltimore campus, the Anne M. Pinkard Building.

The project

In 2006 plans were put in place for a new addition to the School of Nursing, and at this point DMS were involved with cost estimation services.

The new designs were intended to bring research collaborators closer together, foster more inter-professional collaboration, and further enhance the student experience at the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing.  Ultimately, the goal is to result in better-prepared nurses and improved health care.

At five stories tall with 41,000 square feet of space, the new Johns Hopkins School of Nursing addition serves as a place for students and faculty to collaborate and foster health care innovation. This new space will reflect openness, a stronger presence in the community, and a forward-looking mentality toward nursing education.

The new building for the School of Nursing will provide 100,000 SF of additional spaces for office spaces, classrooms and labs. This facility also includes lecture halls, computer labs, a new Dean’s Office and a new suite for the school’s Center for Nursing Research.

The School of Nursing will occupy the basement and the first five floors. An atrium will connect the school to the planned public health building. The complex will be connected by bridges, skywalks and atrium corridors.

Cost estimation

The project is estimated to cost $42 million.