DMS provided Owner’s Representative services to the Gilman School in Baltimore.

The history

Built in 1920, Carey Hall houses the upper school in addition to Centennial Hall, the Gilman Room and the Edward R. Fenimore, Jr. Memorial Library.  An elite, private preparatory school for boys located in the Roland Park neighborhood of Baltimore, the Gilman School was founded in 1897 as the Country School for Boys and it was the first country day school in the United States.

The school began its life in 1897 at Homewood House, now part of The John Hopkins University campus.  It moved to Roland Avenue in 1910.  Officially becoming the Gilman County School for Boys in honor of Daniel Coit Gilman, first president of John Hopkins University.

The 68-acre Gilman School campus is anchored by Carey Hall, the oldest building at the Gilman School, and named for Anne Galbraith Carey, the mother to whose imagination the school owes its very existence.  When it came to schooling her son, Frank, she decided that it would benefit him the most to attend a school in a country setting whilst living at home.  She envisaged a world of rigorous morning classes, hot meals, sport and study.

The project

The 67,300 SF building’s renovation and major addition was set to better accommodate modern educational needs. The project consisted of interior renovations of all four levels of the original building, and construction of a three-story addition totaling 58,000 SF.

The addition created new classroom and office spaces, as well as a theater, 400-seat cafeteria and kitchen, bookstore, woodshop, and health center – all located under a vegetative green roof.  The outdoor spaces were completely updated, while respecting the building’s historic character.

Cost estimation

Construction costs: $24.3million.