Competitive & Accurate Construction Consulting Services

Our track record for cost estimating and construction consulting services is impressive. Since 1988, our cost estimates for competitive situations have remained constant at 0-5% high. This is further impressive considering the market fluctuations that have occurred over the last 5-7 years.

Our close contact and analysis of market conditions have allowed us to accurately forecast the market in terms of construction cost. This consistent range of accuracy provides our clients with a level of comfort and confidence in our estimates and cost projections.

In-Depth Analysis

It has been our experience to provide not only a comprehensive cost estimate report, but to communicate with our clients and inform them of potential cost savings ideas, value engineering issues, scheduling and work packaging cost benefits, coordination conflicts, and identification of poorly detailed contract documents from a cost estimating point of view.

Typically, our clients will also request our input in assisting them to analyze bids and provide input during scope clarification.

Cost Estimating Projects