DMS Construction Consulting Services, Inc.

Claims Management


Construction projects always experience change. Such change may affect the schedule for completing the works, the required quantity and/or quality of the work, and could involve accommodating unforeseen conditions. Often, projects will experience all of the above!

All change brings with it challenges and it is how those challenges are resolved that determines the success of the project for its stakeholders.

Many claims and disputes can be avoided altogether and most can be reduced significantly, if addressed in the right way and at the right time. Engaging DMS to provide claims management services from the outset of a construction project, rather than waiting until a problem, claim or dispute has developed, can help manage the risks and resolve disputes effectively, should they arise.

Our professional and experienced team can identify and analyze the contractual position, the technical and financial position, determine the impact of delay and prepare or defend all types of claims on even the most complex construction and engineering projects.

The benefits of engaging DMS in a claims management capacity include:

  • Minimize surprises
  • Avoid/reduce number of claims
  • Maximize recovery while maintaining contractual/business relationships
  • Reduce cost of claims
  • Knowledge transfer for future projects
  • Negotiate settlements from a position of strength
  • Improve recovery and proper evaluation of claims received
  • Avoid costly disputes, as issues are dealt with contemporaneously
  • Improve project monitoring

Stages of Claims Management

Stage 01: Pre-Contract

  • Contract Risk Assessment–Identifying and dealing with 'killer clauses'
  • Procurement strategy and advice
  • Review/Develop Procedures–Commercial, Change Management, Schedule Management, Dispute Resolution, Risk Management
  • Commercial Bid Analysis

Stage 02: Construction

  • Periodic Audits/Health Checks
  • Training/Mentoring
  • Team Augmentation
  • Commercial/Contract management
  • Contractual Advice
  • Progress/Delay Analysis
  • Change Management/Claims Management
  • Claims Avoidance/Negotiation Support

Stage 03: Dispute Resolution

  • Entitlement/Liability Assessment
  • Cost and Quantum Analysis
  • Delay Analysis
  • Expert Services
  • Mediation/ADR Support
  • Arbitration/Litigation Support